A and B Term Course Registration

Welcome to the online course registration process for your A and B term courses.Please find information on the Course Registration Timeline, Great Problems Seminars, and advice for courses to take based on your major.

Fall course registration available June 10 to June 22. Registration will open at 4:00 PMEST.

Course Registration Timeline

Early May: Students will receive WPI login information. Following that students will receive an e-mail from Office of Academic Advising with Course Registration information.

Mid May: Math Placement Exam Opens

May 30-June 10: Review below information about Great Problems Seminars and your major recommendations.

June 10: Course registration opens at 4:00 PM Eastern Standard Time

June 22: Course registration closes at 12:00 PM Eastern Standard Time; schedule review begins

Registration for courses is June 10-June 22. Once course registration closes on June 22, your course schedule will be reviewed by your Advisor Support person in the Office of Academic Advising. You will not be able to make changes to your schedule during this time. If there are changes that need to be made, the Office of Academic Advising will contact you via your WPI e-mail address in early to mid-July.

A Course Like No Other

How many courses are there that give you credit for working on one of the world’s most pressing challenges?  And while you are working on issues of pandemic, food, energy, climate change, sheltering the displaced, you will also develop great friendships, important skills and valuable relationships with faculty.  Best of all, your solution could make a real difference in someone’s life.  To learn more about these uniquely WPI courses, see the Great Problems Seminars page.

What should you take?

Below, click on your major to see what you should consider taking for A and B term. After reviewing that page, please be sure to review information on how to register that can be found on this page. If you have any problems, you have been assigned an Advisor in the Office of Academic Advising who you can contact to get help. You can view who your Advisor is on bannerweb.wpi.edu on the Student Services and Financial Aid Tab. If you have any problems, email academic-advising@wpi.edu and we will be happy to help!

List of Majors:

Additional Registration Resources

As you are considering your course recommendations listed above we ask that you remember some important information. There is a valuable set of videos  that explains more about WPI and the course registration process. 

  1. Make sure you go through the whole course registration website. This will put you on the right path to select the proper classes for A and B terms.
  2. WPI is a unique institution which allows students to combine theory and practice. Make sure to review information about general degree requirements of your intended major by looking over the tracking sheets which are linked on each major page.
  3. Be sure to consider your Math Placement results when selecting courses. It is the best guide for selecting the right math course in A and B terms.
  4. Consider if you have AP, IB, or Transfer Credit when selecting courses. We recognize that you may not have received all of your scores by the time course registration begins. We ask that you assume that you get the credit that you took the exams for. You cannot receive credit for the same course twice, so if you received credit from your exams you should not take the course again.
  5. If you are not able to get into a class be sure to select back up sections or courses add yourself to the waitlist for your top choice. Waitlists will begin rolling in July and you will receive an email if you are offered a seat in the class.
  6. Your Academic Advisor will review your schedule and contact you if any changes need to be made before you come to campus in August, so trust yourself in selecting the courses you are most interested in! Be sure to check your WPI email regularly throughout the summer.