Architectural Engineering- C and D Terms

Course Planning Specifics: Architectural Engineering

You will register for C and D term classes in November. 

In addition to the course recommendations below that are specific to your major, each student must complete 4 Wellness and Physical Education courses in their four years at WPI. You are welcome to add a WPE course to any term. WPE courses are worth 1/12 unit, unlike major subjects discussed in course recommendations which are worth 1/3 unit, and can be taken in addition to the 3 courses recommended below. 

For more information on the degree requirements for your major click here.

C Term Recommendations

AREN majors are required to take one Chemistry course, either CH 1010 or CH 1020. If you took CH 1010 in A term, please consider taking PH 1110 in it's place. 

AREN Majors are recommended to work through the Calculus series (MA 1021-1024) in their first year. AREN majors should continue with the calculus sequence that they took in A and B terms. The typical order of the courses is:

MA 1021

MA 1022

MA 1023

MA 1024

MA 2051

In addition to the calculus series AREN majors are expected to take MA 2071 and MA 2611. These courses are each offered every term. If AREN majors have completed the calculus series, they should consider taking these math courses. 

Your third course should be a Humanities and Arts or Social Science Course. More information is available about these courses below. 

Every student at WPI must complete the Humanities and Arts (HUA) Requirement. This consists of 6 courses in HUA subjects. The subjects available for HUA are:

  • Art (AR)
  • Music (MU)
  • Drama/Theatre (EN/TH)
  • Foreign Language- Spanish (SP), German (GN), Arabic (AB), Chinese (CN)
    • For Spanish Placement Information, Please Email: Professor Angel Rivera (
    • For German Placement Information, Please Email: Professor Daniel DiMassa (
    • For Arabic Placement Information, Please Email: Professor Mohammed El Hamzaoui (
    • For Chinese Placement Information, Please Email: Professor Wen-Hua Du (
    • For English Language (International Students) Information, Please Email: Professor Althea Danielski ( and Professor Esther Boucher-Yip (
  • Literature (EN)
  • Writing/Rhetoric (WR, RH)
  • International Student English (ISE)
  • History (HI)
  • International Studies (INTL)
  • Philosophy (PY)
  • Religion (RE)

You are required to take two Social Science Courses in your time at WPI. The subjects that are considered Social Science are:

  • Development (DEV)
  • Economics (ECON)
  • Environmental Studies (ENV)
  • Government, Political Science, and Law (GOV)
  • Psychology (PSY)
  • System Dynamics (SD)
  • Sociology (SOC)
  • Social Science (SS)
  • Society/Technology Studies (STS)

Note: ID 2050 is a course that is required before you go away for IQP and counts as one of your Social Science Courses. If you are planning on going away for IQP in your junior year, you may only want to take one social science course in your first year. 

D Term Recommendations

AREN Majors should consider taking AREN 2023, Introduction to Architectural Engineering in D term of their first year. 

AREN Majors are recommended to work through the Calculus series (MA 1021-1024) in their first year. . The following is the typical MA sequence for WPI Students.

MA 1021

MA 1022

MA 1023/1033

MA 1024/1034

MA 2051

In addition to the calculus series AREN majors are expected to take MA 2071 and MA 2611. These courses are each offered every term. If AREN majors have completed the calculus series, they should consider taking these math courses. 

The sequence MA 1033 Theoretical Calculus III and MA 1034 Theoretical Calculus IV is an alternative to the MA 1023, MA 1024 sequence in A and B terms. The sequence is designed to give a deeper and more mathematically rigorous presentation of the relevant calculus topics. If you really enjoy math and have credit for Calculus I and II already, you should consider this sequence instead of the MA 1023-MA 1024 sequence.

AREN Students are encouraged to take ES 3001, Introduction to Thermodynamics, or PH 2101, Principles of Thermodynamics, as their third course in D Term in following the AREN Course Plan outlined with the Program Tracking Sheet.


Once you go through the above recommendations, please be sure to review Registration Information so you know how to register on November 15th.

Registration Information

To build your schedule you should use the Course Listings page and the WPI Planner. Below are instructions on how to use the Planner tool and how to search for courses before inputting this information into Workday, WPI's registration platform.

  1. Navigate to the WPI Planner.
  2. On the first tab, select the class subject area you are interested in (ex. Chemistry, Mathematical Sciences). Note: Great Problems Seminars are listed under First Year.
  3. Once you select the subject, the available courses will appear. As you select courses, they will appear in the box at the bottom right.
    • You should select three courses for each term. It is also a good idea to identify some back-up schedules in case your first choices are full when you register.
    • You can also select a Physical Education course, and 1/6 unit music courses, as an additional fourth course in addition to your three courses. This is common for first year students.
    • ROTC Members: please select your Military Science course in addition to your three courses. Your Physical Training will count towards your physical education requirement, so you do not need to select PE courses.
  4. On the second tab, Time, you can eliminate times of day you do not want classes. Note: This may limit your course options, so use this one sparingly.
  5. The third tab, Schedules, shows all the possible schedules that can result from your course selections. Make sure you are looking at the correct term, and look to see if there is any overlap between class times. You can change the term you would like to take the course by clicking on the term bubbles.
    • When you are satisfied with how your schedule looks it is time to identify the sections of the classes you plan to register for.
    • At the top of the Schedules tab, you will see two boxes, one labeled “Grid” and another labeled “Detail.” Click the “Detail” box to see a listing of selected courses with information including course name, course section, professor, location, and meeting days and times.

    • Watch the 10 min. overview video
    • Loginto Workday
    • Use Find Course Sections to build at least one Saved Schedule for C-Term, D-Term, and if you're taking any 10 or 14 week classes, Spring Semester (instructions)​​

    November 15, 7AM ET: REGISTER

    • Login to Workday
    • Open a browser tab or window for C-Term, D-Term, and Spring Semester (if you have any 10 or 14 week classes) and View My Saved Schedules for each
    • [Optional] Open tabs for alternate course sections from other Saved Schedules or search results
    • When registration opens, click Start Registration, then click Register (instructions)
    • Open View My Courses, scroll right to Drop or Swap (instructions)
    • Waitlisted? If a spot opens, a notification will be sent to your WPI email asking you to login to Workday and take action